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Mediation is about you. Mediation allows you and your partner or family members to find your own solutions to family problems with the help of a trained, neutral mediator to guide and facilitate your discussions.

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What we do & who we are

East Mediation provides effective mediation services to people who want to resolve their problems away from the court arena.

Our mediators have the combined experience of over half a century in dealing with difficult family problems. They are qualified solicitors who have decided to bring their experience of the law and the courts to the mediation arena in order to help participants avoid courts, judges and litigation. Our mediators are qualified and accredited and are registered with the Family Mediation Council.

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Finding the Mediation that suits you.

Mediation is all about talking. Your mediator will help you talk about what each of you wants and needs and will try to help you find common ground and compromise. Your mediator will remain neutral but may ask challenging questions to help you to think differently. You may meet together or in different rooms depending on the type of mediation you need and your mediator will discuss the options with you.

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