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What Happens in Hybrid Mediation

Hybrid Mediation is slightly different to Family/Shuttle Mediation. It can be used in the same sort of cases as Family Mediation or Shuttle Mediation but is also used in Inheritance Cases and other cases which are dealt with in Courts other than the Family Courts but where family relationships are involved.

Hybrid Dispute Mediation is especially useful if the participants want to have their lawyers present to help them.

You can start a hybrid mediation by filling in our online form or you can telephone us to arrange this. Our contact information is 01502 533011. If you do not have a solicitor your mediator will probably suggest that you attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). At a MIAM you will meet, on your own, with your mediator. Your mediator will learn what you would like to discuss in your mediation, explain what will happen and make sure mediation is safe for everyone involved.  Your meditator will discuss whether Hybrid Mediation is right for you.

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Ensuring you get the right meditation for you

If you have a legal advisor we would suggest that they contact us to discuss whether Hybrid Dispute Mediation is the right solution for you.

If everyone is willing to go ahead with mediation your mediator will make arrangements for everyone to meet. This will take place in separate rooms. Your lawyers may be present if that has been agreed in advance. Some hybrid mediations take place over several sessions of around 1 ½ hours but most involve a longer mediation session lasting a half or full day.

If you are able to reach agreed proposals your mediator may agree to draft documents recording your proposals but if you have lawyers present they would normally prepare settlement documents.

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The following rules apply to Hybrid Mediation

Impartiality. Your mediator is impartial and will be working with you both. Your mediator is not a judge nor a legal advisor.

Private. Your mediation is private. You cannot talk about what happens in mediation in court although you can share information with your legal advisor if you have one. Your mediator will keep your discussions private. Unlike Family Mediation your mediator will only share information with other participants if you authorize it.

Voluntary. You do not have to mediate. We hope that you will want to mediate and will find a value in doing it. Mediation is not compulsory and you may leave at any time.

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