Why Mediation Services are a Cost-Effective Alternative to Legal Proceedings

In any relationship, whether it be a marriage or a business relationship, there may come a time when it no longer works and both parties decide to separate. This can be easier said than done, particularly where there are financial assets, or the care of children involved. While you may choose to have these arrangements sorted out legally in court, this can end up being costly and stressful for both parties. Mediation with the involvement of professional dispute resolution services is a faster, affordable, and above all else less stressful way to deal with such issues. Here are some of the reasons you should consider mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is where all parties involved in a dispute agree to a meeting assisted by a third-party mediator. During this meeting, each party discuss their views, makes proposals, suggest options, and explore compromises. The mediation session is designed to be a safe meeting where each party remains in control, and no one is compelled to agree to anything they are not comfortable with. The meetings are confidential, so nothing is repeated in court if an agreement cannot be reached. If an agreement is reached, the mediator will discuss how to legally bind it. The mediator will discuss alternative options such as arbitration or court proceedings if no suitable agreement is reached.

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Benefits of Mediation

  • Most cases that go to mediation end up being resolved either on the same day or not too long after, making them an effective alternative to legal proceedings.
  • Mediation is a less costly way of resolving disputes than legal proceedings which often attract high fees. Considering the current economic climate and the rising cost of living this is important.
  • Each party involved in mediation retains control throughout the meeting and no one is compelled to agree to anything they are not satisfied with. This allows everyone to negotiate from an equal position.
  • Mediation offers a better choice of outcomes compared to legal proceedings and can offer terms of settlement that are more flexible than those found in court judgements.
  • Any discussions during the mediation process remain confidential and will not be brought up should the case go to court. This allows people to think outside the box in a way which cannot happen in court.
  • You can choose who you wish to mediate your meeting based on the type of dispute involved or how you feel about meeting the other person.
  • Mediation helps reduce the adversarial nature of disputes. By negotiating and coming to an agreement, both parties can separate on more amicable terms with less bitterness or animosity.
  • The Courts expect people with family problems to mediate before starting any court proceedings and even when proceedings have begun to keep mediation in mind as an option.
  • Advances in technology now give you the option of conducting mediation through video conferencing programs such as Zoom.

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